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TaoYa Hotel & Restaurant Supplies is the leading Taiwan supplier, importer and exporter of restaurant dinnerware, hotel dinnerware, buffet equipment and hotel equipment. Our products include Casual Dinnerware, buffet equipment, kitchenware, and hotel furniture. Having specialized in our products for many years, our top ranking sales are due mostly in part to word of mouth among our numerous satisfied customers. We feel that the more we strive to have the better quality, the more we gain the confidence of foreign and domestic customers. In the past, we focused on domestic market a lot, and today, we have been gradually exporting to countries around the world and have won the praise and trust accordingly. For your better understanding of our company, please pay a visit on this website for more information about our products.


Our company specializes in supplying all types of tableware to restaurants, hotels, schools and organizations. The product that we provide includes Chinese dinnerware, Western dinnerware, Japanese dinnerware, fusion dinnerware, porcelain dinnerware, stainless steel dinnerware, kitchenware, buffet equipment, hotel equipment and dining furniture.

With sincerity, honesty and efficient management, we insist on offering high quality products that are not only elegant but also practical. In order to fulfill customers' needs and wants, we provide you with customized products and connect the supply chain from manufacturer to wholesaler as well. With rich experience in business cooperation, we always work with enthusiasm, putting all our efforts into reaching customers' satisfaction and gaining their support.

Sincerely inviting you to Tao Ya and let us show you infinite possibilities of the dining table!

Our sincerity and hard work have helped us to match the quality of our Dinnerware include

Casual Dinnerware

with international standards. According to the different kinds of manufacture demands, we offer perfect services to you.
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